Taqueada Coach Profile

Ciro Desenzani was first taught how to play polo with Marcial Socas, the brother of Adolfito Cambiasso and now continues to train and learn from Memo Gracida. He is a professional polo player with a 2 goal handicap in Argentina and has played for brands such as Master Card, Ford and Chandon. Every year he plays in the Argentina Polo Association tournaments and many other tournaments in polo clubs around the world with his patrons and friends.

In addition to being a professional polo player, Ciro is a coach to his patrons, the owner of TAQUEADA organization and he is the polo manager at La Herradura. The club is owned by ex 10 goal player Memo Gracida, who is one of the best polo horse trainers for high level handicap tournaments such as the Palermo Open.

Ciro has a passion for horses and trains polo ponies to sell each season. His success in training has led global demand for his horses, with sales made internationally.

He provides personal attention, professional coaching, dedication to improve the polo of the clients, and an excellent organization to prepare polo teams for the patrons and players for different levels of handicap cups. He has received many patrons around the world during the Argentinean season, September to April, for the last 10 years.